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Monterey Spine & Joint MRI Center was developed to offer our community a high value option for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We provide excellent quality imaging at an affordable cost to create an MRI center that appeals equally to patients and referring physicians in the region. Our goal at Monterey Spine & Joint MRI is to make you comfortable during your imaging procedure. Monterey Spine & Joint invested in a state of the art MRI machine with a larger bore to allow for more space around the patient, which helps reduce anxiety and improves comfort. Unlike open MRIs that have some degradation in the image quality, the large bore model combines the best of both worlds more comfort with an excellent image.

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Monterey Spine & Joint’s MRI suite is an American College of Radiology (ACR)-accredited facility for musculoskeletal, brain and spine imaging. The MRI is a Siemens brand magnet that has a generous open design with a 70 cm bore diameter, and the shortest length of 125 cm. Approximately 60% of MRI exams conducted here will allow the patient’s head to remain outside of the magnet. This open design should alleviate any feeling of claustrophobia in almost all patients. As part of the Monterey Spine & Joint medical practice, our exams are directly accessible after completion by your treating Monterey Spine & Joint physician.

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American College of Radiology - Magnetic Resonance Imaging Accredited Facility

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American College of Radiology Accredited Facility

We are pleased to have National Orthopedic Imaging Associates (NOIA) as our medical directors and sole providers of imaging interpretations and consultations to our clinicians. NOIA is one of the preeminent musculoskeletal and spine-imaging radiology groups in the country. NOIA’s members are the exclusive radiology consultants for several high-profile orthopedic practices. They are all fellowship-trained and subspecialized with renowned experts in both joint imaging and spine imaging. Additionally, they are the imaging consultants for a number of professional and amateur teams, including the San Francisco 49ers, Denver Rockies, Cleveland Indians, and the US Ski Team. NOIA works closely with the clinicians at Monterey Spine & Joint to provide the most accurate diagnosis by MRI. For further information regarding our radiology team, please go to

Photo of Taylor Ahlborg Taylor Ahlborg MRI Technologist, R.T (ARRT), (MR) ARMRIT
National Orthopedic Imaging Association (NOIA)